Waddell Foundation’s Generous Support Provides Shelter When It Is Most Needed

Pictured here are Barbara Hubbard, Julia Moore, and Laurie Cowin (in front) from the Waddell Foundation presenting the donation check to George Fox, JoAnn Hansen and Jenny Schmidt (in back) from Habitat for Humanity Choptank at one of the homes built by Habitat Choptank on High Street in downtown Cambridge. Photo taken in February.

(April 2020). During this public health crisis and time of economic uncertainty, the protection and safety a home provides is more important now than ever. Habitat for Humanity Choptank is grateful to have received support from the Waddell Foundation in recognition of the work that Habitat Choptank does to provide safe, affordable and energy efficient homes to hardworking families in Dorchester County. This support has helped local individuals and families like Amy Nichols to move into their forever home at a time when it is needed most.

For the past 10 years, Amy has been living in a one-bedroom apartment with duct tape and rags around the windows to keep the cold out. Upon acceptance into Habitat Choptank’s homeownership program, Amy described it as “a blessing.” It didn’t take her long to complete over 300 sweat equity hours while saving for closing costs on her forever home. Amy has dreamed of owning her own home since she was young. Growing up with five siblings, her childhood included “lots of bunk beds” and household chores. She later raised three children in government-subsidized housing while working three jobs so hard work is no stranger to Amy. She now works over 80 hours a week as a certified nursing assistant. Finding herself on the frontlines, a safe place to call her own has come at a time when it is needed the most. The dream of owning her own home and having her children and grandchildren come to visit and play is now a reality.

In February, the Waddell Foundation provided Habitat Choptank with a very generous $8,500 grant to support the organization’s work in Dorchester County. This work includes increasing homeownership through new builds – like Amy’s home – or rehabilitation of vacant homes, owner occupied home repair, and working with community partners to support the hopes and dreams of neighborhood residents.

“We are incredibly moved by the work Habitat Choptank is doing,” said Julia Moore, board member of Waddell Foundation. “Habitat does more than just provide a roof over a family’s head. We are so impressed with how their program educates future homebuyers on financial planning and homeownership responsibilities, and prepares them for a future of stability and home security. We also love the work they are doing in Cambridge to revitalize downtown neighborhoods through community collaboration and engagement.”

In addition to this support, Habitat Choptank also received $3,000 in grant funding from the Waddell Foundation to provide financial assistance for post-secondary education – community college, four-year college, graduate studies and technical education – to members of any family that was approved for a loan for the homeownership program or Habitat’s Helping Hands Revolving Loan fund. At a time when they are being hit the hardest, the support this fund can provide will be critical for those families seeking assistance for further education. “We are so pleased the Waddell Foundation recognizes the need in Dorchester County for affordable housing and revitalization of neighborhoods,” said JoAnn Hansen, Executive Director for Habitat Choptank. “With the support of organizations like Waddell, we can build stronger communities and help build better futures for families in need. We appreciate the Waddell board members – Jack Brooks, Julia Moore, Laurie Cowin, Tom Adams, Phil Feldman, Barbara Hubbard, and Georgie Feldman – for sharing our vision.”

The continued outreach, partnership and building of quality, safe and affordable homes by Habitat Choptank is more critical now than ever. And, the support from individuals and organizations like the Waddell Foundation is what helps more families stay safe and healthy at home.

For more information, to make a donation that benefits our local community, or volunteer, call 410-476-3204 or visit HabitatChoptank.org.

About Habitat Choptank

Since 1992, Habitat Choptank has made home ownership possible for 86 families and has completed critical health and safety repairs in partnership with over 181 qualifying homeowners. At present, 9 homes are under construction in Dorchester and Talbot Counties. Income qualifying homebuyers are offered access to affordable mortgage financing in order to purchase a new construction or rehabbed home from the nonprofit’s project inventory. After completing “sweat equity” hours, attending pre-homeownership classes, and meeting debt reduction and savings goals, these individuals and families will purchase homes that they helped construct and assume the full responsibilities of homeownership including maintaining their home, paying property taxes and repaying their mortgage over 30 to 33 years. Habitat accepts applications for its homeownership and repair programs throughout the year. For more information, to make a donation that benefits our local community, or volunteer, call 410-476-3204 or visit HabitatChoptank.org.

About Waddell Foundation

The Waddell Foundation was formed on behalf of the Waddell family in 1978 for the sole benefit of supporting local charitable groups for the betterment of Dorchester County and its residents.