The Tool Library, made possible through the support of the Nathan Foundation, is a resource that helps nonprofit organizations and churches located in neighborhoods where Habitat is currently building to make simple repairs, perform maintenance tasks, and complete neighborhood improvement projects.

The Tool Library is stocked with our most commonly used tools for repairs, clean-ups, and more, and can be used by community organizations and groups like churches, non-profits, and neighborhoods.

Nonprofit organizations or churches can propose a project, and Habitat Choptank will work with them to refine its scope and create a plan for successful outcome. The organization or church provides the project, volunteers, and supplies and materials, and Habitat Choptank brings the know-how and the tools to get the job done!

For more information or to apply for partnership with the Tool Library, call call our office number below and ask for our Critical Home Repair Manager.

Habitat Choptank thanks the Nathan Foundation for their support in making this community resource possible!