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The Habitat Choptank Affiliate Office is hiring!  Click below to read the position description. To apply, send your resume and cover letter to

Full Time:

Part Time:

The Habitat Choptank ReStore is also hiring!  Click below to read the position description. To apply, send your resume and cover letter to

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Meet the Habitat Choptank Staff

  • Sarah Baynard, Accounting Clerk
  • Scott Baynard, Construction Supervisor
  • Emily Brohawn, Community Engagement and Marketing Manager
  • Tara Felts, Director of Housing Counseling & Family Services, HUD Certified Housing Counselor
  • JoAnn Hansen, Chief Executive Officer
  • Erin Harmon, Grants Administrator
  • Robert Hummer, Construction Supervisor
  • Pat Ingram, Client Services Manager
  • John Piposzar, Critical Home Repair Manager
  • Jenny Schmidt, Chief Development Officer
  • Jim Thomas, Construction Project Manager
  • Tracy Tracy, Chief Financial Officer
  • Tre’ Shawn Wheeler, Family Services Coordinator – Repair Program

Meet the Habitat Choptank ReStore Team

  • Shareef Curry, Warehouse Assistant
  • Anne Davis, ReStore Manager
  • Ryan Efferson, ReStore Warehouse Manager
  • Mara Fernandez, Donations Coordinator
  • Joshua Hacker, Sales Assistant/Cashier
  • Renee Hester, Sales Assistant/Cashier
  • Kelly McKinney, Sales Floor Manager

Meet the Habitat Choptank Board of Directors

  • Jeffrey Joseph, President
  • Jodi Cavanaugh, Vice-President
  • Christine Doria, Treasurer
  • George Dappert, Secretary
  • Eddie Beasley
  • Christie Bishop
  • Lamont Goodson
  • Chris Hauge
  • Adrian Holmes
  • Latasha Nichols
  • Daphan Smith
  • Curtis Snyder
  • Rev. Jerome E. Tilghman, Sr.

Habitat Choptank is an independent organization that is overseen by a board of directors and governed by its own policies. If you have a complaint about Habitat Choptank, please contact us at 410-476-3204 to discuss the issue or concern.

If you believe your concern cannot be adequately addressed or resolved by the affiliate, or if your concern relates to Habitat Choptank leadership (board president or executive director), notify Habitat for Humanity International by following the process outlined on

To find out more about Habitat for Humanity International, click here.