Habitat Choptank is always looking for licensed, insured and quality contractors to subcontract with Habitat Choptank to build high quality and energy efficient homes and to do owner-occupied home repairs for hardworking families in our area.  Currently, Habitat Choptank is building and repairing homes in Easton in Talbot County and Cambridge in Dorchester County. 

Every family needs a safe place to live, grow and thrive.  Whether you are a general contractor, a mechanical or electrical company, plumber, or mason, we have work for you….from small to big jobs.  Contractor requirements are listed below.  Build and repair homes….save lives….join Habitat Choptank in building a better community for all.  

We pay the market rate and you get the added bonus of knowing your work is helping someone in Talbot and Dorchester County live more independently in a safe home. We have new home construction and repair projects going year-round.

For interested parties, please contact Wayne Suggs, Director of Construction at [email protected]

Minimum Requirements Include:

  • Licensed in the State of Maryland
  • Certificate of Insurance/Worker’s Comp
  • References 

current bids

Request for Bids, Demolition 618 Wells

Demolition 618 Wells Specs and Bid Sheet