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Investing in Our Community

Cathie Liebl’s support for Habitat for Humanity Choptank can be traced to her long-term belief in the importance of homeownership. “Homeownership changes everything for an individual,” Cathie said. “What a sense of pride and accomplishment it gives a person. It is important for the community, too, as homeowners are invested in maintaining their property and creating a safe and livable neighborhood.”

A sailboat enthusiast who has lived up and down the east coast throughout her adult life, Cathie retired and moved to Easton in 1997 and started donating to Habitat Choptank so she could have a direct impact in her new community. She began as a member of the Carpenter’s Club where she donated a set amount every time a house was built and dedicated. That means she has had a hand in most of the homes that Habitat Choptank has built over the years!

Cathie has been impressed with Habitat Choptank’s impact in Talbot and Dorchester Counties and with the expansion into the repair program that she read about in Habitat Choptank’s communications and annual report. She sees the repair program as so important to letting older and less advantaged people stay in their homes and keep communities vibrant.

In 2020, Cathie supported Habitat Choptank through Maryland’s Community Investment Tax Credit program and for future years is planning to donate tax free to the affiliate through her Individual Retirement Account.

As you can see, Cathie has changed her mode of support over the years, but has remained a dedicated donor to Habitat Choptank, allowing the affiliate to ensure more families in Talbot and Dorchester Counties have a safe place to call home.