Bluepoint Hospitality Group Provides Generous Support to Habitat Choptank

[Trappe, MD] (August 2022) Habitat for Humanity Choptank received a generous gift of $25,000 from Bluepoint Hospitality Group. This gift will be used for critical equipment to help Habitat Choptank build and rehab homes in Talbot and Dorchester Counties.

Habitat Choptank is using Bluepoint Hospitality’s gift for three new construction trailers. While the affiliate owned two trailers, those trailers date back to 1996, making them 26 years old. In addition, three trailers are really needed to fully support all of Habitat Choptank’s build sites. The affiliate’s continued work in rehabbing and restoring homes makes the equipment even more necessary and will save Habitat Choptank considerable money in dump fees.

JoAnn Hansen, Executive Director of Habitat Choptank expressed her gratitude for Bluepoint Hospitality’s generosity. “The right tools are critical to our work. This gift will allow Habitat Choptank to ramp up our work in The Hill District in Easton where five new builds and an historic rehab will take place, while continuing our work in Cambridge and St. Michaels. We can’t thank Bluepoint Hospitality enough for their support of our work.”

Paul Prager of Bluepoint Hospitality Group recognizes the state of affordable housing in the community, and made this gift in support of Habitat Choptank’s mission. “A safe and comfortable home is the foundation for well-being. My wife, Joanne, and I hope that this gift enables Habitat to continue to provide safety and opportunity to our neighbors in Talbot County,” said Mr. Prager.

This year, Habitat Choptank is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The generosity of supporters like Bluepoint Hospitality has enabled Habitat Choptank to build, rehab and repair homes in Talbot and Dorchester County for three decades. Visit for ways to give and support Habitat Choptank’s mission.

About Habitat Choptank

Since 1992, Habitat Choptank has made homeownership possible for 99 families and has completed critical health and safety repairs in partnership with over 300 qualifying homeowners in Dorchester and Talbot Counties. By building and rehabbing homes, Habitat Choptank helps families achieve better health, financial freedom, independence, stability, and security. Visit to volunteer or apply for homeownership or home repair.

About Bluepoint Hospitality

Bluepoint Hospitality Group owns and operates boutique restaurants and businesses in Talbot County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Our team strives to create an atmosphere that is refined, yet never pretentious. We are committed to providing a remarkable experience for our guests- one that is executed with excellent service and the very finest cuisine.