Our Mission

Habitat for Humanity Choptank works in partnership with God and all people to transform communities and the lives of qualifying families in Dorchester and Talbot Counties by building simple, decent and affordable homes.

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Meet Homebuyer, Duval Mills

Duval Mills started working with Habitat for Humanity Choptank in June 2017 and is now a full partner, having put in the required sweat equity hours, saved funds for his down payment, and attended the education classes he needs to be a successful homeowner. He cannot...

Habitat Choptank Celebrates 25 Years

From its inception 25 years ago, Habitat Choptank has always been about more than houses. True, Habitat is known for building quality, energy efficient houses with affordable mortgages. The success of the program, however, is dependent upon developing well-prepared...

The Bakerʼs & Habitat: “Thereʼs nothing like it”

On Thursdays of most weeks, Dr. Bradley Baker, a retired Easton obstetrics and gynecology doctor, starts the day with a group of Habitat Choptank volunteers called “the Thursday Crew.” The group meets for breakfast and then shows up at a Habitat site where they say a...

Tynita Cummings: Our 1st Homeowner in Hurlock

As Habitat Choptank celebrates its 25th year, Tynita Cummings will be taking ownership of Habitat’s first home in Hurlock and its 73rd house overall. Like many homeowners, Tynita’s story is about more than a house.  There were the high’s — like the day when she...

Couple Gives Monthly Since 2000; Values Homeownersʼ Sweat Equity

Bill and Marclyn Hendon have a long history with Habitat Choptank. Bill hails from Texas. His wife has roots that go back some years on the Eastern Shore. In fact, Marclyn was born in the hospital in Easton. They now live in St. Michaels. In 2000, Bill and Marclyn...

Habitat: Itʼs About a Home And a Whole Lot More

Christopher Sudler watched his mother, Chanice Rochester, her family and 240 different Habitat volunteers build his home from the ground up back in 2013. He would walk through the house and see how the bathroom was nothing more than several pieces of wood held up by...

From International Chef To Construction Crew

Tony Breeze, a Welshman who started his career in London, is a chef with an international flavor — Paris, Bahrain, Dubai, and San Francisco before Hyatt Regency offered him the opportunity to bring his talents to the Eastern Shore at the Hyatt in Cambridge....

We’re Glad You Asked

Are the materials for Habitat houses donated? Not as much is donated as you might think. Generally less than 5% of the material and sub-contractor costs for a home are donated or discounted. We have some wonderful part ners, subs and vendors who work with us to...

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Habitat for Humanity Choptank

Habitat for Humanity Choptank, an affiliate of “Habitat International“, is a nonprofit organization operated on Christian principles that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities and hope.

Through financial coaching, education and support, and access to affordable financing, Habitat Choptank provides an opportunity for individuals and families in our communities to purchase a quality construction, energy efficient, affordable home. Home ownership with Habitat Choptank creates a solid foundation for our hardworking neighbors to build their lives on.

Through Habitat Choptank, lives are changed, neighborhoods are revitalized, our community property tax revenue is enhanced, and we keep a solid workforce in our area.

Open Door Policy

Habitat Choptank has an open-door policy:

Everyone is invited to help. We welcome volunteers and supporters regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political views or any of the other distinctions that too often divide people.

Everyone that qualifies to purchase a Habitat home is encouraged to apply. We enable people from all backgrounds to become a homeowner regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political views.


Why We Build

To understand the difference Habitat Choptank is making locally in the lives of of its home buyers, check out a few of our Homeowner Stories>


Habitat for Humanity Choptank values the following principles as central to its mission:

Compassion.  We are motivated by our faith and belief that God’s love and grace abound for all.  Our compassion is supportive of individuals and families who seek improved housing, lives that are stable, secure, and self-reliant, and communities that thrive.

Commitment.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families by putting our faith into action, helping to build or renovate homes, educate and empower homeowners, partner with faith communities and other groups to create greater access to affordable housing, and work to make neighborhoods sustainable, safe places of hope and promise.

Education.  An integral part of our success is providing education and coaching to potential homeowners in managing personal finance, responsible home ownership, relevant life skills, and community development.

Honesty.  Our policies, practices, and moral character iare based on honesty, truthfulness, integrity, and straightforward relationships with all who are part of our organization.

Accountability.   We hold ourselves to the highest standard of accountability in financial, legal, and organizational matters.

Innovation.  We seek to follow best practices and to be innovative in the management of our enterprise to accomplish the greatest good with strategies that provide greater access to affordable quality homes, creative paths to homeownership, and responsive programs for strengthening neighborhoods.

Collaboration.  Our strengths comes from bringing together people of all faiths and walks of life from donors to homeowners to volunteers to professional staff for the good of our mission.

The values that we uphold extend to all of our constituents.


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