Kim and Linda Cassady spent weekends on the Eastern Shore at their home in Royal Oak, Maryland for years. Kim remembers getting a mailed solicitation in 1995 to become members of Habitat Choptank’s Carpenters Club and thought, “What a great concept – to ask for donations for every home, but not until the house has been built and something has been accomplished!”

Kim and Linda became Carpenters Club members and faithfully donated. Then they moved to Royal Oak permanently when Kim retired in 2003. Already interested and supportive of Habitat’s mission, Kim was looking to be active in his community and give back – and maybe learn some new skills in the process.  Volunteering on the construction job site was the perfect match.

Kim continues to work on the job site to this day, and in between then and now, he’s served on Habitat Choptank’s Board of Directors and as Treasurer for the organization. He’s most proud of leading the Faith Build project in 2005-2006, bringing together 21 churches to fund and build a home in Unionville for a deserving family. Kim received Habitat Choptank Founders’ Award in 2011 to recognize his inspiration, commitment to, and longstanding support for Habitat Choptank.

“Hearing directly from the homebuyers, hearing their stories, and knowing what owning a home means to them – that’s what really keeps me motivated and involved. They make such a commitment and work so hard,” Kim said. “We always say they are given a hand up, not a hand out, and that’s true. Owning a home improves their lives and the lives of the whole community in the process.”

Thank you to Kim and Linda for their 25 years of service and support!