Sustainable Building

While Habitat affiliates are known for their construction of simple, decent and affordable homes, that mission has grown today to include the construction of sustainable homes that are energy efficient. This expanded approach provides our home buyers with mortgage payments and utilities bills they can afford.

In just a few years, Habitat Choptank’s homes have gone “green” – incorporating building techniques that reduce energy and material usage, lessen the impact of construction on the environment, and save homeowners money in the long term. This includes building envelope improvements and high-efficiency heat pumps.

Habitat Choptank also uses many low or no-cost energy-saving strategies to keep green building affordable. These include orientation for passive solar, sizing overhangs to provide summer window shade, utilizing value-engineered framing techniques to minimize thermal bridging, conditioning crawl spaces and installing HVAC systems in conditioned space.

The affiliate is able to maximize every dollar invested in energy efficiency upgrades because the upgrades are combined with careful design, experienced project management, established community partnerships and volunteer labor. This results in new homes that use about a third less energy than a typical code-built house.