We sold all 1,500 She Shed Raffle tickets! We pulled the winning raffle ticket on Friday, November 6th at the ReStore. Check out the video where we announced the winner here.


You could win a “She Shed” for your property! Fully designed, constructed, furnished, and decorated by our Women on Wednesday volunteers.

The 10’ x 14’ shed includes:
  • A fully decorated and furnished interior — equipped with a craft bench, cabinets, seating & more!
  • 2 Quilts from Bayside Quilters; quilt rack built and donated by our Tuesday Crew volunteers
  • Paintings from artists Jerry Canada & Kathie Rogers
  • Redesigned hutch & bar stools by Honora & Tom Picarillo
Tickets are $25 (we are no longer selling 5 for $100). Only 1,500 tickets will be sold. The winner will be drawn on November 6th. You do not need to be present to win.
Delivery anywhere on the Delmarva Peninsula included. Site preparation details & requirements below.
We will be working with Scarborough Fair to deliver the She Shed.

A proper shed foundation is important for two main reasons:

The shed needs to sit on a stable, level surface for the structure to remain stable and for the door to operate properly.
The shed needs to sit slightly off the ground to allow for proper water drainage and minimize moisture transfer from the ground to the shed structure.

There are several types of shed foundations, and the kind you need may depend on where you live, the size of your shed and its intended use. Drainage is of utmost importance, as the greatest enemy to any shed is moisture. If you look at older sheds around your neighborhood, you will notice that many of them are beginning to rot around the bottom of the structure. This is because most, if not all, of those sheds do not have a prepared base underneath them. The best thing you can do to contribute to the longevity of your new building is to install a quality pad. We recommend a minimum of 3” to 4” crushed (3/4″) stone base, at least 2′ larger than your building in both directions. Crushed stone allows for drainage should any moisture get underneath your shed. For smaller sized sheds, concrete blocks could be a cost effective method.

The foundation for your structure MUST be set up before the delivery.

She Shed Site Preparation Details & Requirements: Please provide a level site for the She Shed delivery. You will need to have a foundation for your shed in place prior to delivery. It would be best for the shed to sit elevated on concrete blocks, a gravel foundation or treated 6’x 6’s. Winner is responsible for the safe raising of wires that may be overhead the desired site. A flatbed truck should be able to back up to the site. We are not responsible for any yard damage that takes place during delivery. Raffle winner takes full responsibility for the proper acquisition of any permits that may be needed prior to delivery. Failure to provide a level site and foundation and/or failure to acquire necessary permits within a reasonable time frame (as determined by Habitat Choptank staff) may result in prize forfeiture.

Questions? Please contact the Habitat Choptank office at 410-476-3204.