“They never gave up on me and that allowed me to not give up on myself.” -Tynita Cumming

As Habitat Choptank celebrates its 25th year, Tynita Cummings will be taking ownership of Habitat’s first home in Hurlock and its 73rd house overall.

Like many homeowners, Tynita’s story is about more than a house.  There were the high’s — like the day when she reached $750 in savings to make her lot choice and the day she painted the living room in the soon-to-be-her’s home as part of her sweat equity work hours.

There were low’s in the process too.  Her “coach” and staff and Habitat team along with so many caring family, friends and co-workers encouraged her throughout.

She remembers, “They never gave up on me and that allowed me to not give up on myself.”

Tynita moved to the Eastern Shore from Washington, D.C., visiting a student friend from Trinity University.  “I fell in love with the area.  You could look up in the night sky and see the stars…so beautiful; and no traffic.”

For the past five years she has worked as a case worker for the Caroline County Department of Social Services.  In her job, she helps individuals and families work toward independent living.

In the final days of construction, she drove by 408A Charles Street in Hurlock and could hardly believe that she was going to be a homeowner.  There was a time when “I never thought that I would be a homeowner.  But, Habitat laid out the program and it really came together.”