Community Investment Tax Credits

Bringing together the pieces that put housing back to work. 
Community Investments Tax Credits (CITC) support 501(c)(3) nonprofits by awarding allocations of State tax credits for use as incentives to encourage individual and business giving to benefit local projects and services.

Individuals and businesses that make charitable contributions benefit by:

  • Reducing their tax liability.
  • Helping Habitat Choptank achieve an essential community goal.
  • Making a targeted community impact.
  • Improving community relations and increasing their visibility.

Target investment in your community and earn additional State tax credits for your donation to Habitat Choptank.  Current tax credit projects:

Brooks Lane Neighborhood in St. Michaels

The Brooks Lane neighborhood in St. Michaels will include seven quality, durable and energy efficient single family Habitat homes once it is finished.

When individuals have the ability to build a better future, it can benefit everyone. These homes will not only help individuals and families achieve strength, stability and self-reliance but will also build and strengthen communities.

For information about the balance on the state tax credits available for these projects, contact our office at 410-476-3204 or by email.