Tony Breeze, a Welshman who started his career in London, is a chef with an international flavor — Paris, Bahrain, Dubai, and San Francisco before Hyatt Regency offered him the opportunity to bring his talents to
the Eastern Shore at the Hyatt in Cambridge.

Three-and-a-half years ago Tony retired to Mardela Springs near Salisbury to his lifetime dream of a horse farm. But today, after encountering the passion of Habitat for Humanity Choptank through its staff and volunteers, Tony is a regular 9 to 3 construction crew volunteer every Wednesday and Thursday.

Building a house is different than creating a delicious entre or building a fence or shed on his horse farm, says Tony. “I was pretty green and have learned a lot.”

“I especially enjoy working with wood; it is so forgiving. And, just like creating a great dish where I always tried to see a picture of what the dish would look like, I like envisioning the Habitat houses we build.”

Most importantly, Tony says that Habitat folks love to tell you how much they appreciate the volunteers, but for him it is just the opposite as he so appreciates Habitat and its people who are “incredible”.

There are all kinds of volunteer opportunities for Habitat volunteers including construction, the ReStore and our program committees. Visit our website to see how you can get involved: