Duval Mills started working with Habitat for Humanity Choptank in June 2017 and is now a full partner, having put in the required sweat equity hours, saved funds for his down payment, and attended the education classes he needs to be a successful homeowner. He cannot wait to move into his new home in St. Michaels in 2019.

Duval grew up right here in Talbot County and has lived here his whole life. He works as Head Waiter at Londonderry in Easton, and it is there he first heard about Habitat’s home-buying opportunity. He saw a flyer on the employee bulletin board and talked with Londonderry resident, Lari Caldwell, also a member of our Family Selection Committee.

“I knew Duval would be a great fit for Habitat Choptank’s homeownership program,” said Lari. “He is so responsible and diligent about everything he does. He is beloved at Londonderry for his warm and caring personality.”

Duval has really enjoyed the education classes offered by Habitat Choptank. “I really loved everything I learned about taking care of a home, how to fix things around the house, and how to manage a mortgage” said Duval. “I also loved meeting everyone with Habitat Choptank. They have become like family.”

The classes have allowed Duval to meet the other homebuyers who will eventually be his neighbors in Habitat Choptank’s Brook’s Lane development in St. Michaels. Duval chose this location for its quiet setting and to experience something new. He will be the first of his four sisters and one brother to own his own home.

We are so glad to have Duval as part of the Habitat Choptank family!