Thank you for doubling your impact!

Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. That vision is not just a roof and four walls. That ‘place to live’ is in a community that supports each other, a world that values its people as each made in the image of God.

We are so grateful for every donation given in the month of July that enabled us to capitalize on the match and exceed our goal!

A member of our community offered a way for us to maximize our impact with a promise to match dollar-for-dollar all gifts that came in up to $50,000, and a challenge to reach a goal of $100,000 in the month of July. Now that the numbers are in, we are excited to announce that the total of our unrestricted July donations including the full match of $50,000 is… $119,790.60!

Every donation helps us build stronger neighborhoods, create decent and affordable housing, and engage community residents to be part of the change. Thank you for supporting Habitat Choptank and for doubling your impact! Your generosity makes our vision of a world where everyone has a place to live possible!