Bill and Marclyn Hendon have a long history with Habitat Choptank.

Bill hails from Texas. His wife has roots that go back some years on the Eastern Shore. In fact, Marclyn was born in the hospital in Easton. They now live in St. Michaels.

In 2000, Bill and Marclyn read about Habitat for Humanity Choptank and began making a monthly contribution.

Sixteen years later, Habitat is at the top of the list of charitable organizations they support. The Hendon’s remark, “We love supporting Habitat because it is local, right here in our community where we can see that the money is used wisely.”

“We also like the fact that the homeowners of Habitat provide sweat equity in building the house. The more you personally invest yourself in something, the more meaning it has for you,” they say.

Those monthly contributions have helped Habitat and its homeowners build 54 houses during their time of giving in the past 16 years.

Is it time for you to consider becoming a monthly contributor to Habitat? Give a call today to Nancy Andrew at 410-476-3204 or drop her an email at