Become a Homeowner

homeowners“Home” is a commitment, a goal, a journey, and finally, a place to call your own. Purchasing a home can be a challenging process for anyone. That’s where Habitat comes in.

Becoming a homeowner with Habitat Choptank comes with a lot of responsibility, but it also comes with a lot of benefits. Most importantly, you are securing not only a home,  but a solid foundation for yourself and your family. Through the purchase of a well built, energy efficient, affordable home, you are investing in yourself and your family’s future. Listen to other homeowner insights>>

Habitat Choptank can partner with you throughout the home buying process.  Are you ready to take the next step?

Making the Commitment

The commitment a home buyer makes:


  • Dedicate at least 300–400 hours of “sweat equity”
    • Helping to build other Habitat homes and their future home alongside volunteers
    • Attending home owner and financial education classes
    • Working closely with a volunteer coach for mentoring and support through the home buying process
  • Be free of any outstanding collectible debt before closing and save for closing costs.
  • Pay an affordable mortgage for the cost of the home.
  • Assume responsibility for maintaining the home, and for paying home owners insurance and property taxes.

What is Sweat Equity?

Every Habitat home buyer must earn 300-400 hours of sweat equity (based on family size) before going to settlement by volunteering on the construction sites helping to build their future home and other Habitat homes. A portion of hours must be earned by members of the family who will live in the house. Extended family members who will not live in the house, friends and neighbors may help partners to accrue sweat equity.  Sweat equity contributes to three fundamental Habitat goals: spirit of partnership, pride in ownership and development of skills and knowledge.

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