Jody and Brad Baker

On Thursdays of most weeks, Dr. Bradley Baker, a retired Easton obstetrics and gynecology doctor, starts the day with a group of Habitat Choptank volunteers called “the Thursday Crew.”

The group meets for breakfast and then shows up at a Habitat site where they say a prayer and get their assignments from the supervisor on building another house for a prospective homeowner.

Brad’s wife, Jody, also a volunteer over the years, says it is something to watch — the teamwork, doing the job well, knowing they are doing the right thing, inspiring relationships.

“It is amazing to see how much they care,” she says.

Brad (born on the Eastern Shore) and Jody (born in Tennessee) met during college as they both took summer jobs at Yellowstone National Park. They made Easton their home and have been married for 56 years, raised two sons, and have what Jody refers to as “six granddarlings.”

Brad joined the Habitat board in 2004 and he and Jody became donors. He has been on the family selection committee for 13 years and volunteered on the job site for seven years.

“I had absolutely zero experience,” says Brad. “Totally different world from medicine. Had to learn new tools and techniques.”
He enjoys the camaraderie, the mission, and helping people achieve the American dream of owning their own home.

And, they both agree, there is nothing like that moment when Habitat folks gather at a dedication to turn over the keys of a home they helped to build to a new homeowner.

“There is nothing like it,” says Brad.